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Partnerships & Collaborations

Impact of Funding

The Resources & Prosperity Foundation, from the beginning, we were determined to make the biggest possible impact with our time, energy, relationships, and resources.

Through the Resources & Prosperity Foundation’s unique endowment funds, you, your family, your company or community group can make a difference in our community for years to come, leaving a lasting legacy of making a difference. We understand the community and can help you respond to vital needs and support your giving objectives by providing grants to charities.

A strong non-profit sector is an essential part of a healthy democracy. As a responsive funding organization, we will support special programs beyond grant funding opportunities that help develop different facets of R&P Community.

Our success is the result of the combined efforts of a network of organizations dedicated to setting up and running programs in community. If you’d like to leave a lasting legacy we can help you to create an endowment to support local causes now and for years to come.

Any problems require collaborative solutions, so we invest in organizations and partnerships working to protect the community. When we give, we are not only writing chapters of our own story, we are leaving an indelible mark on humanity – a story that will be told for generations to come.

Get Inspired and Engaged

We endeavored to reach our goals by staying open to a range of grantee strategies and tools necessary. Each of our funding areas had specific objectives and benchmarks that we used to evaluate our foundation's success.

The Foundation strongly favours those organizations and initiatives with which it has an already-established relationship. We are grateful to all of the people who were a part of our story, and we are so very proud of all that was accomplished.