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The Resources & Prosperity Foundation is a worldwide, non-profit foundation that strives to help business or people who are in financial need.
By creating an accessible system of donation drop boxes and a simple, stress-free donation pick up schedule through the Resources & Prosperity Foundation are innovations that change the way people work, travel and conduct business.

The foundation creates a collaborative charitable strategy where our mission is single-minded: we are focused on providing objective, customized advice.

The Resources & Prosperity Foundation works hard to make sure your donation pick up or donation drop off is as manageable as possible.

  • We are a worldiwe non-profit foundation located in US and Germany
  • We curates private charitable opportunities with high-growth potential across startups, real estate, and crypto
  • We help companies develop powerful corporate social responsibility, employee engagement strategies and grantmaking
  • We provide tax deductions for fair market value of your donated equipment
  • Portfolio Development Beyond Non-Profit Sector

Frequently asked questions

We only require the donation to be viable meaning if you have 5 laptops valued at $2000 we will come get them.

Ultimately, every business fundraising on R&P Foundation sets it own minimum investment, often starting at $1000 or $5000.

R&P Foundation has developed new ways of raising funds, by building bold partnerships and creating innovative fundraising events.

As many as you need to there are no set standards of figures for how much tonnage or the frequency that any one donor can help the more the better.

When you donate your electronical items or money to R&P Foundation, you can be confident that your donation goes to a great cause.

Most companies have their fiscal year end on December 31st, and their annual reports come out on April 30th.

It begins with a vision and is brought to life with a community. We here at caring hands foundation are grateful for the donations and contributions from all of our generous community members.

Without your donations, we simply could not bring our vision to life. If you’re wanting to connect and be involved.


R&P Foundation founded on principles of collaboration and respect, our approach integrates both scientific and traditional community knowledge.

R&P Foundation was created to democratize fundraising while expanding equity investing to the masses, giving anyone the chance to back the next company.

R&P Foundation provides a range of financial and technical instruments to support projects, cooperatives, and institutions.

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R&P Foundation is prohibited by law from touching your money. When you donate, your funds are transferred to an escrow account, in custody of Boston Private Bank. If the fundraise succeeds, your money will be released. Otherwise, it will be refunded to you.

While we don’t vet ideas, we do our best to screen for fraud, such as researching the founders and verifying that the documents they’ve provided comply with the law.


We seek a world of hope, inclusion, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security. We believe in the equal value of every human being and the importance of respecting and honoring each individual; we know that change happens through people.

We sort, grade, and ship items to a wide range of organizations throughout the developing world.

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Board of Directors

Thomas Horton


Jane Patterson


Gerald Copeland


Oskar Steinmann


Ways To Gift Your Assets

Ways To Gift Your Assets

  1. Charitable Gift Annuity
  2. Outright Gifts of Cash
  3. Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs)
  4. Charitable Remainder Trust
  5. Charitable Lead Trust
  6. Giving Tangibles
  7. Securities and Real Estate
  8. International Financing

Computer technology and consumer electronics for donation

  1. Desktop Computers
  2. Laptop, Notebook and Netbook
  3. PC Replacement Parts & Upgrades
  4. Monitors
  5. Printers
  6. Speakers
  7. Payment online
  8. Phones

Top States for giving

  1. Utah 6,6%
  2. Mississippi 5,0%
  3. Alabama 4,9%
  4. Tennessee 4,5%
  5. Georgia 4,2%
  6. South Carolina 4,1%
  7. Idaho 4,1%
  8. Oklahoma 3,9%

Our News and Events

June 03, 2023 / 10:11:19

Ready For Business Fund.

The Resources & Prosperity Foundation created the Ready for Business Fund in 2022 to support small businesses. This spring, the second round of the Ready for Business Fund kicked off with a $150,000 fundraising goal to support small businesses.

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April 9, 2023 / 16:22:48

Charitable Gifts. We welcome your gift, large or small.

If you give stocks, bonds or other property, the amount of your gift will be its value as of the date received. You may direct exactly how you want your gift to be used.

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March 05, 2023 / 15:43:20

R&P Foundation Grants $7,000 to Non-Profits Area

Resources & Prosperity Foundation recently awarded several grants to local non-profit organizations. Grants were recently distributed to Friends of Lake Livingston.

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