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COVID-19 Impacts: Shared Responsibility for Keeping Healthy & Safe

At the R&P Foundation the extraordinary and evolving circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic are changing everything. But there is one thing we can ensure you is the same—we remain committed to supporting our grantees, partners, and communities.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the R&P Foundation will continue to operate as normal. Though you might experience a short delay – funding inquires, emails, and voicemails will all be responded to as usual. We will continue to support open projects through to completion, process grant payments, and respond to questions in a timely fashion. Our existing grant program will move forward as planned.

It is at times like this that we have a wonderful opportunity to show our practical support in response to crisis. Our staff will continue to process your gifts as quickly as possible and we will do our best to ensure gift disbursements proceed quickly. However, we ask that you bear with us during these unique circumstances if things take a little longer than normal.

Everywhere we look, people are stepping up. Health care workers and emergency responders are risking their lives to save others. Employees in grocery stores and pharmacies and child care centers and post offices are showing up to make sure we have food and medicine and mail and child care, even when they can barely get by on the wages. Nonprofit organizations are serving clients and communities against unbelievable odds. Reporters are reporting. Donors are giving. And then giving again.

The Foundation’s Board and staff are doing their best to carry on with our work so that our partners, grantees, and stakeholders can do the same. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Is the R&P Foundation office still open? Are staff working?

While our headquarters in NY is closed until further notice to comply with public health recommendations, R&P staff are working remotely. All staff remain connected through email and phone.

"To all who are doing the work and all who are providing the donation and the hope to make it possible: We will never forget your passion. Your commitment. Your advocacy for those who needed you." - Thomas Horton, CEO.