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A Resources & Prosperity Foundation is a pool of charitable donations. This pool is invested and the interest earned is distributed to local organizations. We provides a means of keeping charitable donations within the community.

The Foundation provides the opportunity for donors to support their favorite charity in perpetuity. Donors also have the expertise of the Foundation to identify areas of greatest need in their community. We believed our dollars could have a greater impact if we didn't hold back. This year brings long-awaited changes in our country and many new opportunities to advance our work. Our combined efforts have resulted in remarkable achievements and there's much exciting work ahead.

When we reach the year 2021, the Resources & Prosperity Foundation will have completed nearly 11 years of Grantmaking. Our Network is comprised of multinational corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, and global institutions.

Grant makers and donors, the dreamers, the ones crazy enough to potentially change the world. By backing them, you can make a difference too. We committed to giving substantial prior notice of changes in funding and collaborated with groups in the design of final grants, to ensure organizational sustainability.

Specifically, we are asking companies to develop and disclose a credible, time-bound plan for increasing diversity at the board level. Anyone can become involved in helping to build the assets of the Foundation – individuals, families, corporations and groups. Your gift to the Foundation will benefit the community now and into the future.

Mission Statement

Serving the communities of US and Germany by maintaining and administering a permanent endowment fund aimed at strengthening and improving the quality of life, today and into the future.

Responsibility. Respect. Fairness. Honesty. These are the core values of the Resources & Prosperity Foundation Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

If the Resources & Prosperity Foundation isn’t a right fit for you, we can connect your gift to the growth of existing endowments. This way, we can ensure your one time gift is making the most impact as possible for causes and charities important to you.